About Us

Great American Weaving Corporation located in Bally, Pennsylvania is a manufacturer of flat and tubular narrow woven fabrics. Founded in the year 2000, Great American Weaving Corporation has been rapidly growing in the narrow woven fabrics industry. Great American Weaving manufactures woven tapes, ribbons, belts, and other specialty webbings. Some of the most common yarns we weave with include polyester, rayon, nylon, cotton, and other specialty yarns including Kevlar®, Nomex®, and Teflon®. Because we are a custom weaver, we can obtain other yarns to weave exactly what our customer requires.

Our production area consists of narrow fabric shuttle looms and needle looms. Shuttle looms are necessary to weave all military Class I webbings for critical use applications, as well as other applications. Shuttle loom webbings have two woven edges which minimizes failure due to abrasion and they are also necessary to weave seamless tubular fabrics. On these looms, the weft yarn is carried through the shed using a shuttle. Our needle looms are used to weave fabrics in which the weft yarn is carried through the shed using a long needle. These machines are used for larger runs because of their high speed capabilities. These various machines enable us to manufacture quality products which will meet all of our customer's individual specifications.

Great American Weaving Corporation has a professional staff with years of product design and weaving experience. There is no such thing as a stock item here. We manufacture various webbings and can make changes in the thickness, width, weight, strength, etc. to meet each of our customer's requirements. A strong working relationship is formed with customers from the development stage through the shipping stage.

We have been producing high quality fabrics for our existing customers in various industries and are looking to do the same thing for new customers. Please contact us today and let Great American Weaving help you with any existing or new fabrics you may require!


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