Manufacturing Facility

Great American Weaving Corporation's facility is located in the Bally Brooke Business Industrial Park in Bally, PA.

Below are a few pictures of our manufacturing facility and the various equipment used in our manufacturing process.

Warping Department

The sectional warping machine draws yarn from yarn packages located on a creel. The individual yarn strands are arranged parallel in a prescribed sequence. The yarn is then wound onto beams for use on the looms.

This creel is full of packages of yarn that are ready to be processed.











Weaving Department

The needle looms are used for large volume orders due to their high speed capabilities.

Pictured here is a high speed needle loom used to weave uniform belts.

This picture lets you see a full view of a shuttle loom which is used to produce flat and tubular fabrics.

Pictured here are a few of the ribbons being woven on one of our shuttle looms.

Shuttle looms are the only looms used to weave seamless tubular fabrics.

Shuttle looms can be used to weave fabrics starting as narrow as 1/16" wide.












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