Great American Weaving Corporation

Great American Weaving Corporation located in Bally, Pennsylvania is a narrow woven fabrics manufacturer. Our fabrics include woven tapes, ribbons, belts, webbings, and other specialty woven fabrics. We weave commercial and military specification webbings, including Class I shuttle loom webbing. Please visit our Products page to see a sampling of a few of our fabrics. We also pride ourselves in being a custom order manufacturer and we welcome the opportunity to weave specialized fabrics for each of our customer's individual needs. We have been rapidly growing in the narrow woven fabrics industry, but our main goal remains to manufacture a high quality fabric at a competitive price. We have been expanding our product line capabilities to meet the needs of all of our existing customers and at the same time attract new clients. Please Contact Us to find out what we can do for you!

Our Mission Statement

Great American Weaving is dedicated to the design and production
of the finest quality woven materials. Our team focuses on craftsmanship
and quality to ensure that we meet all of our customers needs.







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